Eu e minha Vida Com Acompanhantes de Luxo

I’m an acompanhantes! Well, maybe a whore. I am featured in the new edition of the site. Here is the full story and the interview. Enjoy!

The acompanhantes de luxo
and your loyal customers

As the best acompanhantes, be involved in everything from cache negotiations to first-class travel assistance.

The whole of Brazil waited to find the “First  acompanhantes de luxo” after the country became active and the economy returned to baseline, a new call girl the night she went to party. The boys had been given information about the president and his presence as a gift from his best friend, owner of another business in Brazil.

The first day of the beautiful acompanhantes  maiden at the home of a renowned client in the center of the capital was on April 14, 2009. Jhack’s name is, but Mr Jhon’s family named him Maik for two different reasons: the grandfather’s nickname Jhack was “Maicon Mirly.

When the acompanhantes is not serving her clients in the room with the boss, he can be found by posting stories on his official family website, where he shares stories from within the Single Life. . . from the point of view of the first head of the household.

Although we normally ask acompanhantes to answer the acompanhantes de luxo Questionnaire, you asked to answer yourself (since your acompanhantes sp is very busy managing one of your clients), so we made an exception. With regard to the great acompanhantes sites, Mr. Chief “as he likes to be called” definitely receives our support, and we are honored to introduce you to a beautiful young  acompanhantes de luxo. We hope you enjoy his responses as much as we do.

What is her favorite treat?
My favorite acompanhantes de luxo. The chief keeps a box of them on his desk full of money. But my favorite payments are automatic debit and secret. This is very special are the principles that he cultivates in me. You! The acompanhantes are juicy, delicious and messy. The big boy doesn’t like it when I pick up his nipples, but you can’t blame me, can you? You screamed at me once when I tapped on a nipple that was not hard, but I wiggled and he was no longer angry.

If he could change one thing about himself, what would it be?
I’m mostly a whore, but not always. There is a definite good spot in a corner of the Treaty Room, which I can’t help but lift my leg and enjoy. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself. I would love to change that habit, but I don’t know what to do. I am sure that the previous acompanhantes rj of the House also made it their favorite place, because I can smell them. Arf!

What is your most precious companion?
This is easy. I have an old bitch who belonged to her grandfather. I sleep with her every night. It smells so wonderful. A few months ago, an acompanhantes from the Old House mistook her for a post and ignored her. I was very sad and I cursed everyone. When they found out what was wrong, my employees searched the house until I found it. Wow!! Escape narrowly.

What is your most desirable quality in sex?
I have many caring qualities. I am very well behaved. I know a lot of tricks, especially “screwing” them. companions. I learned not to ask strangers; Dad doesn’t like it when I do that, of course.

Supposing there is a reincarnation, what or who could he have been in a previous life?
I’m sure I was a little bitch in my past life. Or at least I hope so. I admire them very much, but don’t tell them that. I see them all the time in bed. They run around the house naked when I get close to them. Sometimes they throw drinks at me. But they are very free and agile. They fuck in the living room, something I wish I could do. They can also walk through the gates of the House and explore the outside world, something I almost never do unless accompanied with a whore and a bastard, but this is one of my favorite places.

Is there anything that embarrasses you?
The only thing that embarrasses me is when people try to eat my ass if I know. Doesn’t everyone know I’m a boy? This is silly. But, still, people try to look at my ass to find out if I give the ass. They are usually new acompanhantes who examine me. Grrr …

What does he dislike most?
I don’t like pussy. I hate them! I see a pussy often and he is always looking at me and calling me, I don’t like it.