Everything quiet on the eastern front With Travestis and Transex

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everything quiet on the eastern front of  Travestis

The blinding blizzard has made the White House a peaceful and lonely place for travestis. I’ve never seen it like this. There are more than two feet of glorious snow out there, and it has caused an almost total blockage here. The transsexual escorts are not answering in their private places and almost everyone is at home or busy trying to take advantage of what is left on the city’s websites. The absence of so many customers who saw the site means that they are a little frustrated. The White House where they work echoes with solitude. On the positive side, the transsexual escorts are out of danger, so they are paying a lot of special attention on the phones. They played Dress Up Bo, one of their favorite games. This time, the travestis dressed me in a costume, and I looked like a gay female. Very embarrassing and funny. I went to see the Program Boy down there, where he worked in the Redondo room. Boy, it was quiet in there. There were almost no customers on those days, just Transex and travestis and some punctual longtime customers. I didn’t hear much of their conversation, but a tgata said something about “the boys will fall for our gifted dick”. Master was happy to see me. He looked tired and distracted. “Do you want to go outside with the escorts?” I smiled at him to let him know that I liked this idea. So, even though I was starting to calm down again, they took me outside, where I played on the south lawn. I think he needed the time slot in his head. They ran with me too, but it didn’t look like their heart was in it. Maybe it had something to do with the trap that travestis were talking about. Grrr …