Estou no site de travestis há muito tempo, mas ontem foi o pior dia que já vivi

I’ve been on the travestis site for a long time, but yesterday was the worst day I’ve ever lived. There was not much program going on. Many doors closed. Normally, I can’t even leave the house to keep my customers in the dark. But my main client, and personal confidante of the city, did not let me out. He got out of bed and knelt down to caress me and run his fingers over my back. “I’m sorry, man, but you can’t go there today. He’s in a bad mood. And so is everyone. I don’t think it would be a good idea if I let you out.” She gave me a kiss on the top of my head. I wagged my tail. I went back to bed naked and found nothing but movies and sex. Very depressing on the one hand but good on the other. I know they were avoiding clustering to find out how to deal with covid.
But what does this have to do with me? I usually make people feel better. The online sites were deserted. Even website owners were not available, it was not in their offices; many of them in a classroom but saying to themselves, “That anger is now aimed at us because we are in charge. And rightly so.” There was really no one around. I was thinking about needing to go outside, but I was caught by everyone who took me while she received some visits in the room. They all showered me with attention, which was strange. When they left, I urgently needed someone to take me out and talk, so I found an old customer online on whats app, the savior of the paying customers to go out with travestis here in the city, and I told them I had to do my customers come back. He said, “Sure, I’m here.” He took me for a drive. It seemed much colder and quieter outside than normal. Something changed. It was as if all the hope in the world had evaporated, leaving me alone and isolated.